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Ledger is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, with thousands of projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more.

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for global adoption

Integrate once and never worry about scaling again. Ledger ensures composability between ecosystem projects by maintaining a single global state as the network scales. Never deal with fragmented Layer 2 systems or sharded chains.

Low cost, forever

Ledger scalability ensures transactions remain less than $0.01 for both developers and users.

Fast, forever

Ledger is all about speed, with 400 millisecond block times. And as hardware gets faster, so does the network.

Decentralizedand unstoppable

Not only is Ledger ultra-fast and low cost, it is censorship resistant. Meaning, the network will remain open for applications to run freely and transactions will never be stopped.

Ledger Community

There's something for everybody. Follow along, chat on Discord, or read up on what we’re doing.

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Help secure the network by running decentralized infrastructure. Learn about operating a validator node.

Developer Resources

See the get started guide, videos, tutorials, SDKs, reference implementations, and more.
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Ledger Live

Ledger - Dive into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) with our platform - your gateway to seamless token trading and liquidity provision. Experience the power of decentralized exchanges (DEX) and unlock a universe of financial possibilities. Join our global community and embrace the future of finance with Ledger.

Ledger Wallet

Transform your DeFi journey with Ledger. Effortlessly exchange tokens, provide liquidity, and engage in yield farming with unmatched ease and security. Whether you're a DeFi veteran or just starting out, Ledger empowers you to navigate the world of decentralized finance with confidence.


Explore Ledger

Effortlessly manage your assets with Ledger's intuitive interface, ensuring unparalleled convenience.

Secure Transactions

Rest assured knowing Ledger prioritizes security, safeguarding your transactions and personal data at all times.

24/7 Accessibility

Empower yourself with Ledger's round-the-clock accessibility, enabling you to monitor assets and execute transactions whenever and wherever you need.


Receive customizable alerts, ensuring you're always up-to-date on your asset activities and maintaining control over your financial well-being.

Banking On-the-Go

Ledger - Enjoy seamless account access with the Ledger mobile app, providing banking convenience right at your fingertips.

Ledger Exchange

Ledger Wallet Integration - Seamlessly navigate Ledger's user-friendly interface, designed for users of all skill levels, ensuring accessibility and simplicity in managing your DeFi assets.

Cost-Effective Transactions - Experience efficient DeFi transactions with minimal fees, optimizing your yield farming efforts and reducing unnecessary expenses.

Community Collaboration - Join a vibrant community of DeFi enthusiasts committed to improving their financial opportunities through Ledger, staying involved and informed about the latest developments in decentralized finance.

Dependable Performance - Enjoy reliable performance and swift transactions with Ledger, leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline your DeFi experience.

Robust Security Protocols - Trust in Ledger's steadfast dedication to maintaining rigorous security protocols, protecting your DeFi assets and personal information with advanced encryption and authentication methods.


Ledger Exchange - Seamlessly explore Ledger's intuitive interface, crafted to cater to users of all proficiency levels, ensuring ease of access and simplicity in managing your DeFi assets.

Cost-Efficient Transactions - Encounter streamlined DeFi transactions with minimal fees, optimizing your yield farming endeavors and curtailing unnecessary expenditures.

Community Engagement - Engage with a vibrant community of DeFi aficionados dedicated to enhancing their financial prospects through Ledger, staying engaged and informed about the latest advancements in decentralized finance.

Reliable Performance - Experience consistent performance and rapid transactions with Ledger, harnessing state-of-the-art technology to enhance your DeFi journey.

Robust Security Measures - Place your trust in Ledger's unwavering commitment to upholding stringent security measures, safeguarding your DeFi assets and personal data with advanced encryption and authentication protocols.

Ledger Community

Ledger - Join the vibrant global community of DeFi enthusiasts through Ledger and unlock the multitude of benefits it offers. Maximize the potential of your assets and embrace the simplicity of decentralized finance with Ledger.

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